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Productivity Tools

Simple tools that get the job done.


Import Journal Entries from Excel into QuickBooks Desktop

With this tool you can build, save, and easily reuse your journal entries and post them to QuickBooks desktop with a push of a button, right from Excel.  Everyone should have this tool!

The Professional Version allows multiple Journal Entries to be pushed to QuickBooks from a single worksheet.

PRO - $129 


The Standard Version posts a single Journal Entry and is great for those recurring entries.



Credit Card Import

Import Credit Card Transactions from Excel into QuickBooks Desktop

Import your Credit Card transactions into QuickBooks Desktop directly from Excel.  Stop entering your monthly credit card transactions manually and instead use the convenience and speed of the tools you are familiar with in Excel, like Copy/Paste and formulas and when you are ready, just click "Post Transactions" and within seconds your Credit Card transactions are posted to QuickBooks.


Budget Import

Export your Excel Budget into an IIF file that can easily be imported into QuickBooks Desktop

Preparing a Budget is just easier in Excel, but getting it into QuickBooks Desktop can be challenging.  The IIF file format supports importing Budgets, but creating an IIF file can be intimidating.   This tool side steps this challenge by creating an importable IIF file for you from a budget you create in Excel.



Post and Pay Bills in QuickBooks from Excel

Streamline your Accounts Payable system by entering bills in bulk with an Excel Spreadsheet and post them to QuickBooks Desktop with the click of a button.



A Free tool to import Basic Records from Excel into QuickBooks Desktop

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