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Post and Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop from Excel


Streamline your Accounts Payable system by entering bills in bulk with an Excel Spreadsheet and post them to QuickBooks Desktop with the click of a button.

When thousands of Bills and Payments needed to be entered into QuickBooks Desktop each month something had to be done to improve the process!  This spreadsheet was developed to allow accounting staff to quickly enter the bills in a table format, and since many bills were being paid automatically through a bank draft, we added the ability to post the payment at the same time!  Now the process of entering bills and payments is so simple it's even used when a single bill needs entered.

This customization was built to meet the needs of most QuickBooks Desktop users, but if you have a unique need, contact us and let's talk about a custom solution!

A Trial version of this Excel Customization is available with limited Journal Entry rows to test functionality.

Follow this link to download!


  • QuickBooks Desktop for Windows version 2014 or later

  • Microsoft Excel 2013 or later (64-bit or 32-bit)

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