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About Left Brain Logic

Early in my professional experiences I learned that I had an affinity for technology and it proved to be a powerful compliment to an accounting career and the systems that I have been able to support over the years.  As a result, my career has a bit of a split personality.  


On the accounting side, I've worked through about every position; Payroll, Accounts Payable, Controller, VP Finance, and Chief Financial Officer.  Most of my career has been spent in the Non-Profit world but recently I've been working with an excellent regional restaurant brand.  Having spent a significant period of my career having direct responsibility for many of the major accounting departments, I feel like I've developed a well rounded accounting experience within the corporate accounting world.

In addition to my corporate experience, I've worked with a small group of private clients for many years now offering services to small businesses that need some financial support but can't justify the expense of dedicated accounting staff, as well as to larger organizations that need help leveraging and integrating systems in an increasingly technical business world.


On the technology side I was able to develop a good base in programming and networking systems over the course of my undergraduate education, but I've learned the most by just digging in, scratching my head on a problem and then being creative, and developing a solution that worked.  In addition to the accounting and finance responsibilities that I've always had, I've also been responsible for the technology needs of large organizations.  Some of the projects I'm most excited about include:

  • A custom Accounts Receivable system that addressed the unique needs of the organization and their customers.

  • Medical Record management system that collected records from multiple disciplines and organized the data into a customized treatment plan.

  • Employee Management System that integrated with independent accounting, payroll, and time keeping systems and implemented a unique performance review that was wrapped around the company's unique strategic plan.


For the first twenty or so years of my career, the accounting systems I worked with were generally what would be considered mid to high range accounting systems.  Several were designed for a specific industry and others were more familiar names that work well across a broad range of industries.  Each had their strengths and challenges.  I had, of course, spent time with QuickBooks as I worked with small businesses but up until about five years ago I haven't had a good reason to really dig in deep.  When I did, I found a system surprisingly open to integration, which was very refreshing after working with the much more expensive systems I was used to.  This has opened up options for optimization and integration that would have been either expensive or impossible before.  Since then I've developed many integrations that have helped companies automate the flow of data in to and out of QuickBooks.  Some of the best include:

  • Automating the flow of sales information from a custom cloud based SQL database that integrates data validation as well as automated email communication with areas responsible for the data.

  • Developed an SQL database and a system that regularly synchronizes it with the transactions in QuickBooks.  This exposes the QuickBooks financial data to Excel or any BI tool for dashboards, financial reports, and so many other systems.

  • Integrated Excel with QuickBooks so Journal Entries, Bills, Payments and Payroll can be created outside of QuickBooks and posted directly to it when complete.

  • And my personal favorite, a system that uses the transactions imported from the electronic bank statement and reaches into QuickBooks looking for transactions that match according to the criteria we set.  When it finds matching transactions it marks them as cleared in QuickBooks and in the database.  Now, when the bank account is opened for reconciliation, 80 percent of the transactions have already been reconciled.  It's a thing of beauty!

Left Brain Logic

I have really enjoyed working with small businesses.  So often they have found themselves with an awesome idea, the skills and means to make it happen, and just need a bit of accounting support to make sure the business is built on, remains on, or returns to a good financial foundation. A significant part of my decision to expand my services online was to reach more of these businesses. I also recognized that a few of the tools I developed would be useful for about anyone that used QuickBooks so I decided to test the waters.  I wrote the tools specifically for public release and made them available online. So far, the water has been warm!  I would love to hear from you, if you have questions or want to know more about any of our services reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

Jeremy Brown, CPA

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